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I Get So Emotional…

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Human emotions are the strangest of things…because they lead us into all manner of situations that we could be better off without…!!
I keep thinking on the lyrics from the song by the Beegees,
‘It’s just emotion that’s taken me over
Tied up in sorrow, lost in my soul…’
One of the greatest faults I’ve ever had in my life was that at times…my reactions have been solely based in my emotions…and as anyone will tell you, that can be dangerous for us all…!!
Let me drive back some years and explain what I mean…not that I want to keep digging into the past, but for the benefit of wisdom in the experience, it’s sometimes necessary…!!
I’ve been single for a very long time…purely through choice and bad decisions…but for so long into my current single life, I used to get extremely jealous towards any man that I knew was expressing interest towards my ‘ex-girlfriend…!!’ Now, this jealousy wasn’t a new thing, because it had reared it’s ugly head during the brief relationship…because I didn’t like anyone to look at her the way that I did…!! What was happening was that my emotional inadequacy was leading me to look at her like a possession…instead of a person…because inside, although I may have actually spoken it at some point, all I could think was, ‘SHE’S MINE…!!’
Nope, she was never mine…to possess…!!
That’s the problem with human emotions…they cloud your perspective, which clouds your reasoning, which clouds your decision making…!!
If I had been mature enough to understand…I would have seen things very differently…!! She wasn’t mine to possess, but for some reason that I couldn’t comprehend, she saw something in me…that she chose to love, and chose to give her love to me in that relationship…and no matter how much another man looked at her…she had chosen me…!! Yes, I was young and I was foolish, and because I couldn’t manage my emotions…that jealousy caused me to believe the lies I had told myself, it convinced me they were real, and then it lead me to do things that I would never have done…which contributed to the end of that relationship…!!
I’ve said all that to say this…emotions are amazing, they’re also devastating when you let them affect your decision making in the wrong way…!! At 41, I deeply regret the actions I made that were based in wrong emotions…or emotional immaturity…because they’ve cost me deeply in every area of my life…and have contributed to the reasons why I’m still single…but, I’m mature enough to learn from those wrong actions and wrong emotions…!! Even today as I’m reflecting on the last few years, I can still see how some of those wrong emotional feelings are affecting other areas too…!!
Learning to control…or to even master our emotional responses…is vital to how we interact with other people…because emotional health is what will stop you from wounding someone else unintentionally or intentionally…!! In relationships, wrong emotional reactions will lead you to try and score points against your partner…and believe me I’ve done that too…!! As part of me getting a handle on my emotions, I now try my best to pause for a moment and let the Holy Spirit speak into my mind and my emotions…before I react…because it is that pause that will stop me from firing off in total emotion…and it is that Voice of the Spirit that will minister peace, so that I can react correctly…or better still, where it is appropriate, to not react at all…!!
Just thought for you…!!

I Need Thee…

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Good morning all,
I’ve fired up the desktop computer this morning. Might seem a strange thing to say, but I’m so used to working on my laptop, I’d forgotten how great it is to have such a large monitor to work from…!!
Isn’t it amazing how much we take for granted though…OR…ignore the cost of the things we’ve invested in…!! This computer cost me almost £3000 when I bought it, and I hardly ever use it now because a laptop is more convenient…!!
NOW…think of how much you’ve invested in relationships in your life…and how you now take them for granted…because something or someone else is ‘more convenient…!!’ I’m sure if my computer could talk, this morning I would be getting an ear-bashing about how neglected it feels or how little I use it…and as I’m sat here typing, I’m thinking about the people in my life that are vital, important, so desperately needed for me to be all I can be…and how much I’ve neglected those relationships…without even thinking about it…!!
I look at this computer multiple times a day…but rarely in the last 12 months, have I turned it on…so much so that now I have, it’ll be a few hours doing all manner of updates…!! How much have you got to catch up on with those you’ve left ‘untouched’ for so long…and how much is that going to consume, instead of keeping things regular between you…??
Oh how silly I have been…because the thing I have neglected for so long…has just reminded me how much I actually need it in my life…!!
Who is it that feels neglected, that feels discarded, that feels unwanted in your life…?? How are you going to show them how much they actually mean to you and how much you value them being there when you do need them…??
Just a thought for you…!!

I Can See Clearly Now…!!

It’s Wednesday, so I’m getting ready for tonight’s livestream…I hope you’ll be joining myself and Lady G, 7pm UK, 8pm CET/RSA, 2pm EST, 1pm CST, 11am PST… (

Ive been out this morning, had to take Alice for her haircut, decided to get mine done at the same time…!! (You’ll see tonight…!!)

This day is such a stark contrast to yesterday…the sun is shining, temperature is almost double what it’s been for several weeks…and once again, it had my mind going overtime…!!

Many of us are going through ‘dark days’ where it seems that everything around us is depressing, miserable, heavy and dull…BUT, that can change in a single day…just like the weather…!!

My concern is that I’ve had to learn not to make life altering decisions…in a storm, in an inclement season, in a time when the atmosphere is constantly shifting…!!

Life decisions should only be made in a season of stability, where clarity and vision are fully integrated into the season…!! Today, I can see for miles…but when I looked out the window early this morning, what I saw would have caused me to make a completely different decision about how this day was going to go…!! Mist or fog, not sure which, covered my village at dawn…but now it’s radiant sunshine…!!

I guess what I’m trying to say is this…wherever you’re at, take a good look around, because somewhere the light is breaking through, somewhere the darkness is lifting, somewhere the haze is beginning to disperse…and when it does, you’ll see things so much clearer…because seasons and atmospheres constantly change…and you need to be ready to move in the light…!!

Just a thought for you…!!


My Help Comes From God…Through YOU…!!

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Woke up early this morning…
Well, I was awake early yesterday morning as well…I don’t sleep so well in hotels unless I’m absolutely exhausted…!!
I went to South Elmshall with Ps Ricard Taylor this weekend…was the first of many trips, as you’ll see from my vlog yesterday. One thing stirred me immensely though…how determined are you in your purpose…??
Pastors Steve N Shellie Ward knew a few years ago what they were called to be doing…and long before they were recognised for it, long before they got into their building, long before we went to visit, long before all that happened…they simply got on with the thing they were called to do…!! That thing wasn’t to ‘pastor a church’ because it was so much more than that…for they were called to touch lives…!!
Imagine how many peoples lives would be changed, could be changed if we just got on with doing the work instead of finding all manner of reasons why everything has to be in place for it all to happen…!!
If you knew me years ago, then I was very much ‘right time, right place’ in my thinking…but today, my thoughts are different…because everywhere I go, I go in God…so it’s always the right time and the right place…to change someone’s life…!! I’m not stupid enough to think that I’m the reason they change, but I know that I’m the one God sends and uses…to help Him change someone’s life…and I just don’t understand why people don’t get that…!! God wants to USE HIS PEOPLE…so quit resisting and start being His arms and legs, hands and feet in this earth of ours…!!
I’ve come to the conclusion that to say, ‘I’m not ready’ is as selfish and arrogant a statement as we can make…concerning helping other people…!! Yes, we may not be ready for service in the church, ministry responsibility, leadership or many other things, but who do we think we are to refuse to help other people because ‘I’m not ready!’ Oh, I’m so glad that someone was ready to help me in my mess and my darkness…and wasn’t one of the ‘I’m not ready’ brigade…!! You’re where you are today because someone else was ready…and yet you deny that same help, that same compassion, that same love from someone else…!!
Come on, GET REAL…!!
I’m a prosperity preacher, I make no apologies for it…!! BUT…not the kind of ‘get rich quick’ prosperity that’s been peddled in the ‘church’ for some time…!! The prosperity that i preach is for one thing, and one thing only…!! That God would bless you in meeting your needs so that He would prosper you to meet the needs of other people…!! Greed isn’t having ‘too much’ to me, greed is when you keep that which God has given to you to help other people…!! We may not be financially greedy because we don’t have excess, but we can be ‘compassionately greedy’ when we don’t help others the same way that God used someone to help us…!!
You may not ‘feel ready’ today, but I’m telling you that you’d better ‘GET READY’ NOW…!! Your reaching out to help someone…may just be their eternal hope…and result in their eternal salvation…!! Get off your ‘blessed assurance’ and quit keeping Gods help from others…because nobody likes greedy people…!!
Just a thought for you…!!

Shift Happens…!!

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Sometimes in life…your direction shifts…!!

It’s not that it’s a shift because you’re going the wrong way, or doing the wrong thing…it’s a shift that will begin to fully utilise your gifts and talents far more dynamically…and in a way that is far more impacting…!!

I can prove it to you…

I have many gifts and talents, most of which remain under utilised to their fullest capabilities, because I have other things that I focus on…until the ‘shift’ happened to me, and made me realise I can do so much more in the areas that I’m not fully utilising…!!

I’ve worked in media, in various capacities, since I was 19…y’all know by now that I’m currently 41…!! 22 years of experience and knowledge have built up…and suddenly the shift happened…and I’m using the gifts that I’ve not fully used in that area before…!!

What you must realise, is that the gifts are given, not to make you ‘special’ but because God has an ultimate plan to use those for other people…!!

I’m becoming far more skilled than I’ve ever been as a videographer, but the people that are responding to the videos I’m making are showing me that these gifts…are being used to help other people…and I’m truly loving the process…!!

I have gone on about my videography in several blog posts, but that’s because I am so impassioned by what I do, that I want you all to know that I’m doing this…because I want to affect you with the videos…and I want you to be a part of the process with me…!!

There’s a directional shift happening in all our lives…even today…but the questions we need to asking ourselves are simple…

Do I recognise the gifts that are shifting…?? Do I know the people the shift is happening for…??

So, ask yourself some serious questions…because at the end of the day…SHIFT HAPPENS…!!

Just at thought for you…!!


I Hear What You’re Saying…!!

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I have always believed in the power of words…especially in the context of conversation…!!
I repeatedly tell people to change their speech, because their words are shaping their world, and they don’t realise it…!! A thought has intention…but a words brings it to life…!! Think on it for a minute…!! All those silly little ‘inconsequential’ things we say, are all mounting up to big consequences in your life…because you’re not guarding your heart and keeping a gate over your mouth…!!
I have to thank God…for the words He’s given me…especially for other people…but, I’m truly amazed when a prophet of God speaks God’s words to me…!!
Last night, after the Facebook live, I had opportunity to speak with a man of God…a true prophet…who has rapidly become one of the most trusted voices in my life…!! His integrity outside fo the pulpit speaks volumes more to me than his ministry inside the pulpit…and he speaks with an insight and authority that can only be God…!!
Last night as we exchanged conversation, the prophetic flow emerged…on both sides, and insights and revelation were so prevalent, so accurate…and so God…that it was no difficult to understand the purpose of the call…!!
I walked away from the call…fully charged, and fully inspired by the words of the prophet…because his words were so completely accurate…and so completely revelational…that they were the answer to the questions I had been asking of God, and God alone…!!
You see, the words are so important…but we often do not receive them because of the vessel God chooses to speak through…!! last night, God knew I needed answers…so He spoke to me through a vessel who I have the utmost respect for…because I would willingly receive from the man of God…!! He spoke with an Apostolic and Prophetic mantle that I both trusted and admired…and I was ready to receive…and did receive every word spoken…!! I don’t need to go and fast, intercede, separate myself for understanding…I just needed to receive…and believe what the prophet spoke…!!
There are words that have been spoken over your life…words that had the power to alter the course of your life and destiny…and for whatever reason, you have chosen not to receive them…and in doing so, you have chosen not to believe them…!! It may have been ignorance, it may have been rebellion, it may have been disobedience, it may simply have been that you didn’t like the vessel…but whatever the reason, I urge you today to get before God and ask His forgiveness…ask Him to rebirth those words in your life…ask Him for a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th chance, or how ever many it may be for you now…but get those words spoken by God to burn with the ferocity of a refiners fire in your life again…!!
I will carry the words of the prophet with me, etched into my heart and spirit…because they are words that I both needed and have waited almost 27 years for…!! BUT…they will not just be words…because I will do everything I have to do now to ensure that I position my life to where I am ready to see what was spoken…come to pass…!! Remember, prophecy doesn’t come true simply because the prophet speaks…because you still need to shift your life for things to happen…!! Prophecy…is simply God speaking His intentions…for when you line your life up tp His will and purpose…!! For all of us, it’s time to ‘get right…!!’
Just a thought for you…!!

You Can’t Manage Time…!!

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It’s Wednesday…so I hope you’ll be joining us on Facebook tonight at 7pm UK, 8pm CET/RSA, 2pm EST, 1PM CST, 11am PST…!!
I have been ‘running behind’ all morning, but that’s my own fault…!!
I’ve written many times about the importance of time management, but with each day that passes, I realise that ‘time management’ isn’t a concept that’s actually possible for us to achieve, when I look at the literal definition of what it means…!!
So, my thought pattern is evolving in this area, so as to move away from ‘time management’ into ‘time prioritisation…!!’ You’re probably now asking what the difference is…because they sound very similar…and yet they’re quite different…!!
Time Management teaches us how to block out our time, so we can use it effectively…whereas Time Prioritisation teaches me how to think in terms of prioritisation…thus organising my time, and actually removing the things which are no longer a priority…or shouldn’t have even become a priority.
Time is the single most expensive commodity that we have, because it’s the only one that isn’t replicable…by anyone…!! I’m sure if there was a way to buy more time, each one of us would invest everything we have to acquire more…and yet learning to prioritise the things you need to do will free up the time you ave available for the things you want to do…!! All too often I hear the words, ‘I don’t have time for that…’ when the reality is that you’ve decided it’s not a priority and you won’t make the time…!!
I’ve not been on a vacation since 19th September 2003. It’s not a priority…!! My dearest friend and prayer partner Marvin, and his wife Brenda, took me away last year for a break…guess what I did…yep, scheduled meetings whilst we were away…!! Nothing that would interfere with their break, but stuff that I had worked towards for a long time.
My time has always been prioritised for other people, but to myself and the ones I care about, it has never been such a high priority…guess whose fault that is…?? Yep, MINE…!! Only I can be blamed for that…and only I can change that…!!
Yesterday, I was forced to rest…because I’ve tried to do so much in the last few weeks again, that my whole body shut down…!! I couldn’t eve carry a bag to the car without feeling like I was going to pass out…and you know why…?? Because I had beaten myself into the ground working, thinking that I was superman because people needed my time…!! The only thing that needed my time was sufficient rest…!! Today, I’m preparing for tonight and I can’t concentrate because my mind and my body are exhausted…!!
You see, I’ve done everything in my plan to manage my time this last few weeks, but that didn’t eliminate things which were not a priority…and so I’m rethinking my whole scheduling system, and I’m rethinking every which way that I do things…!! Here I can use a very practical example…I want to get an additional camera, a couple of lenses and a drone…someone has already sown into that for me, but if I had prioritised those things into how I work, or have worked the last few weeks, then I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this, still trying to create a plan to raise the money for these things…!! Fact is, they just have not been a priority for me..and so I remain without them…!!
That may seem materialistic to you, but they are going to take my videography work to another level…but making the videos and acquiring the additional equipment has not been in my prioritised work flow, they’re dropped into my time management for a later date…and that date keeps getting pushed back further and further…!!
So, let me ask you today, what exactly are the priorities you are working on…?? And, are they really that much of a priority…??
Just a thought for you…!!